Forms Training

Conceptually forms contain thoughtfully constructed pre-arranged groupings of fighting techniques and combinations of such, that inherently incorporate key combat strategy, tactical theory, and principles. Forms training is an important element of training in its own right, but it is also a relatively small component of a much larger training regimen.

For beginners, forms can help students learn and put to memory large groupings of prearranged movements, develop good early stage macro body mechanics, as well introduce students to a fairly broad scope tactical fighting knowledge. Forms training done properly also provides excellent anaerobic conditioning benefits if trained at full speed / power and in multiple sets – similar to doing wind sprints.

The danger however which many schools fall into is entirely relying on forms training as a primary component of training. Simply put, too much emphasis on forms training is contradictory to the overall goal of developing progressive free fighting skills.

Empty Hand Training Sets

The Seven Star Praying Mantis Boxing syllabus as passed on by Master Luo Guangyu family lineage contains 13 original Northern Praying Mantis forms, 25 Seven-Star Praying Mantis empty hand forms, and over 40 weapons forms. The core handsets within our QXTL system include Beng Bu, Duo Gang, and Shi Ba Sou. In terms of tactical theory knowledge and techniques, these sets are the most essential and representative of the Seven Star Mantis boxing system. The system also contains a number of two person sets. For more explanation on the function of forms, please see my article entitled Standards in Praying Mantis.

Weapons Training Sets

Technically Praying Mantis is strictly an empty hands system. However there is a number of traditional weapons sets that have been adopted and passed on by the generations of past masters. In our Seven Star Praying Mantis family system we train eighteen different types of traditional weapons. Some of these weapons include the staff, spear, broad sword, straight sword, daggers, halberd, two section staff, three section staff, double hammers, half moon spear lance, tiger hook sword, and nine section chain whip just to name a few. In total there are over 40 weapons sets as passed on by Master Luo Guang Yu. Included in these are also a number of two person weapons sets.

Internal Energy Training (Qigong)

In our Seven Star Praying Mantis system we train the Eighteen Luohan Qigong set. This is an internal qi gong set originating from within the Shaolin temple. It is a training method used to cultivate and transport Qi throughout the human body. Qi is the natural bio-electric energy that is produced in all living things. The Eighteen Luohan Qigong set provides practitioners with a large number of health giving benefits.

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