Branches and Lineage

Over its 350-400 year history, Praying Mantis Kung Fu (Tanglang Quan) evolved into three primary branch systems

  1. Qixing Tanglang 七星螳螂
  2. Meihua Tanglang 梅花螳螂
  3. Liuhe Tanglang 六合螳螂

A number sub branches also include:

  • Guangban Tanglang 光板螳螂
  • Mimen Tanglang 密门螳螂
  • Babu Tanglang 八步螳螂
  • Changquan Tanglang 长拳螳螂
  • Tantui Tanglang 弹腿螳螂

Our branch is Seven Star Praying Mantis (七星螳螂拳), or Qixing Tanglang Quan (QXTL) in pinyin phonetics, from a strong lineage most readily identified with Grandmaster Luo Guang Yu. Master Luo came from Shandong to teach in the Shanghai Chin Wo Men from 1919 onwards and so his style become nationally famous throughout the country.

Seven Star Mantis Lineage Tree

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