Global Membership

    • One Year Membership
    • Group Classes (Outdoor)
    • Access to Seminars
    • Special Publications
      • Pay Pal Payment (EUR150)


One Year

Online Application

Process and Payment

Contact Mr. Pel for more information and request a Membership Application form here Upon completing Membership Application form please submit with cheque or money order. Alternatively you can submit application online and pay online via Pay Pal button to the left under Global Membership.

Private Training

Private tuition (one-on-one classes) with Mr. Pel are available by individual arrangement only.  The cost is US$100 per hour.

Length of Training

It is generally accepted that it takes three years to progress to an ‘intermediate’ level from beginner.  Any new student who can only stay and train for 2-3 months, for example, will only gain a basic idea of what happens in a martial arts class. As such we set a minimum initial training time of eight months. All new students must be committed to stay in the respective city for at least eight months.


Should you wish to wish express your support for traditional Chinese Martial Arts and our Seven Star Praying Mantis organization you can make a donation below.  Any contribution no matter the size is highly appreciated.