Masters of Praying Mantis Kung Fu


Wang Lang

Father of Praying Mantis boxing.

Sheng Xiao Dao Ren, 1st generation

Shengxiao Daoren was the first generation student of Wang Lang, although to this day remains more of a mythical figure than anything else. His existence is difficult if not impossible to prove. In view of such it is suspected that his existence, in name at least, serves the purpose of filling the gap between Wang Lang the Founder and the later more legitimate generations like Li Zhizhan who followed.

Li San Jian / Li Zhi Zhan, 2nd generation

Li Zhi Zhan was born in Shandong province in 1821. Li Zhi Zhan was famous for his Mantis combat skills and put them to the ultimate test serving as a caravan escort. These guys were some of the most reputable fighters around, as their jobs depended on it. Despite having a number of students, perhaps his most famous student was Wang Rongsheng.

Wang Rong Sheng, 3rd generation

Born 1854 in Shandong province, Wang Rong Sheng was already a master of the Shaolin boxing arts, although it is not entirely known which specific system he studied. He was also a free fighting champion before meeting his Mantis teacher Li Zhi Zhan. But it wasn¡¯t until being defeated by Li Zhe Zhan in a challenge match that Wang Rong Sheng was accepted as a disciple. Wang Rong Sheng was a dedicated student and mastered his teacher’s knowledge. It is said that he was instrumental in introducing a number of Shaolin boxing sets speculated to include Cha Chui, Hei Hu Jiao Yi, and Shuang Cha Hua amongst others. Wang Rong Sheng had a number of high level disciples, the most famous of all being Fan Xu Dong.

Fan Xu Dong, 4th generation

Fan Xu Dong was born in Shandong province. He was both famed and feared for his immense size, fearsome mantis free fighting abilities, and devastating iron palm skills. He later became known throughout China as the Tanglang Wang (King of Mantis Boxing). Fan Xu Dong is said to have further strengthened the Tang Lang and Shaolin traditions making further additions and refinements in training sets and methodologies. Fan Xu Dong had five main disciples including Gou Jia Lu, Wang Chuan Yi, Yang Wei Xin, Lin Jing Shann, and Luo Guang Yu.

Luo Guang Yu, 5th generation

Date of Birth: 1888 – 1944
Birth Place: Peng Lai Country – Shandong
Teacher: Fan Xu Dong
System: Seven Star Praying Mantis
Favorite Empty Hand Set: Tang Lang Tou Tao
Specialties: Iron Palm and Free Fighting

Lin Bo Yan, 6th generation

Date of Birth: 1903 – 1990
Birth Place: Longyan Country, Fujian
Teacher: Luo Guang Yu
System: Seven Star Praying Mantis, Chen Style Tai Ji
Favorite Empty Hand Set: Rou LIng Zhou
Specialty: Qi Gong

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Xu Jin Ge, 7th generation

Date of Birth: 1949
Place of Birth: Fujian province
Teacher: Lin Bo Yan
System: Qi Xing Tang Lang, Chen Style Tai Ji, Yang Style Tai Ji
Favorite Empty Hand Set: Beng Bu Quan

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Kai Uwe Pel, 8th generation

Date of Birth: 1964
Place of Birth: Recklinghausen, Germany
Teacher: Koh Kim Kok
System: Qi Xing Tang Lang
Favorite Empty Hand Set: Beng Bu Quan
Favorite Weapon Set: San Jie Gun
Specialty: Free Fighting

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