Praying Mantis Kung Fu – System Overview

Praying Mantis Kung Fu is the apex of traditional fighting styles from China. It was created in north China’s Shandong Province approximately 350 years ago, and made famous in Shanghai by the late Great Grandmaster Luo Guang Yu.

Legend has it that a Shaolin Monk named Wang Lang, who had studied other systems of Shaolin, observed a praying mantis in battle with a cicada. He was inspired by the movements of the victorious praying mantis. It attacked, retreated, grasped, and released at the right moments. He then captured the praying mantis studying it and created twelve principal methods of attack and defense based on its movements. Adding evasive footwork of the monkey and incorporating aspects of seventeen other famous Shaolin systems at that time, he combined the principles of rigidity and flexibility to create the system as Praying Mantis.

Since then, Northern Praying Mantis became its own unique and complete system, with each additional generation of disciples supplementing it with new concepts and techniques. One added the iron-palm techniques, another added internal breathing exercises, and still others different weapons techniques. It is considered the apex of traditional Chinese Shaolin based systems, known for its rapid attacking combinations and deadly strategy.

Classes cover all aspects of the system. You will learn:

  • Traditional Fighting Techniques and Tactics:  covering footwork, kicking, striking (fists, palms, elbows), grappling and joint locking, throwing techniques.
  • Application of the ’12 Keywords’: Starting from this simple platform you will develop effective pattern recognition and flow through applied two person drills.
  • Physical Conditioning: Through a progressive systematic approach you will build physical strength, endurance, quickness, flexibility, iron body conditioning, mental fortitude, and a strong overall awareness and ability to control the power of your body.
  • Fight IQ:  Understanding of Praying Mantis fighting strategy, tactics, theories and principles.
  • Traditional Forms Training:  Combinations of movements enabling for enhanced pattern recognition.
  • Traditional Weapons Training:  You will have opportunity to learn long and shorts weapons like the staff, sabre, spear, straight sword, halberd, etc…

Our style is the Seven Star Praying Mantis lineage. This style is most readily identified with Grandmaster Luo Guang Yu. Master Luo came from Shandong to teach in the Shanghai Chin Wo Men from 1919 onwards and so his style become nationally famous throughout the country. Master Luo often defended his style and his teacher’s (Master Fan Xu Dong) honor in challenges and placed this deadly art’s high skill level firmly into the modern public mind.

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